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What If God smoked... What If God smoked...

Rated 1 / 5 stars

let's see

i can see you put effort in your work but i don't think you did a very good job with it... you didn't animate the characters that much and their movements lack fluidity. the graphics kinda bothers me and reminds me of those flash submissions done in ms paint so you should consider improving that as well... coz i think art plays a big factor in flash movies like yours and right now it really shows how average or below average the entire movie really was...

i see nothing special with the style and it would really need a lot more improvements...

for your sounds, well, you only have a background music which obviously was the basis and theme of your movie. frankly i think the your choice of music wasn't good and slowed down the pacing of the entire movie.... it made things unfold too slow (as if there was anything that unfolded) thus making your movie a bit boring....

for the violence nothing i could really say about it, but the humor... well... i didn't find it funny at all. try using a different material coz all this is just getting too old... religion and god and everything else related... im sure you could do better. try to think of something more original instead and stop joining the bandwagon of hatefull little people.

i also agree that in a neutral point of view, whether or not you believe in god, this whole movie will still give the impression to a lot of people on how "sinful" or "bad" you are if you get my drift. some will say its stupid and others will praise you for it, but eitherway it would not yield to positive results and it wouldn;t be right to show people these things especially if its only gona stir some controversy and create havoc instead of being constructive... unless that's what you were aiming for... getting some recognition and quick attention.

if you don't do all these things right then you might as well end up with all the other cheap-O's trying use religion to express what they call "fun and humor" to get some attention. if you want to be seen as a real flash artist then use your real talents and SHOW IT... don't just opt for the easy way of getting noticed.


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Lopaxe responds:

Ehm... i kinda agree with u, but i think u relaly rated some stuff too low... I'll work on other video soon. This one was my first music video ever.... I kinda enjoyed it and that was the song that fit my abilities.... On next one i'm plannin of putting more effort and make it better (hope u like metal ^^) and.... and... y the hell u wasted all that time for writing a review for a fucking movie that u didn't even like? U coulda go outside and do something, like master 360 flips or sumthin, u coulda go do some fun stuff.. but u reviewed the damn movie :D:D give me advices on where i have to improve, my master (rofl).

Lopaxe, also, i wish you to find some friends someday

Jesus VS Ryu Jesus VS Ryu

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

i don't usually do reviews, but...

okay.... technically there isn't much to say about the method used here. nothing new, but i gotta admit the video was kinda well-incorporated with the animation... in a funny way. even the sounds make you feel like ur actually watching an twisted arcade vs. game. but i have a few things to say besides that.

first of all, the guy playing jesus looked like he's from osama's bloodline... and ryu... well.. what the hell... im not even gona touch that one. get the right people to do it. if not then just animate it. yeah they look funny that way, but all i can see here is another attempt to make a cheap shot on a figure a lot of people worship... and gain easy laughs out of it.

hey why don't we all just join the "make-fun-of-jesus-coz-its-easy-to-get-instant-laughs-bandw
agon"!? it's none of my business.. if at that age you guys still would go through all that trouble, but comeon man! there are a lot more creative ways to express humor through flash... a hell lot more. i guess i still prefer real animation.

ofcourse this is only my opinion and im sure a lot of people would disagree with me here, but congratulations anyway coz a lot seem to have taken the bait.